SoulBounce Exclusive: Sweatshop Has Found A 'New Religion'

It's been a minute since we've heard anything from Danish trio Sweatshop. Back in 2011, their debut EP The Getaway was enough to land them in our esteemed class of Bounce-Worthy artists. Since then, they released their debut album, Can We Get Hooked Up, in 2013. Now they're back to hit us with another dose of their unique blend of soul, reggae and hip-hop on their upcoming album When You Hear The Sound. But before they do that, SoulBounce is bringing you a first listen and watch for their new single and video "New Religion."

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The song itself is about rediscovering belief and faith through love, creativity and imagination. Over a loop of swirling strings and boom-bap drums provided by group producer Daniel Fridell, singer Jonas Rendbo lays out the sentiment through the track's catchy, sing-song chorus. "You could be my new religion / something for me to believe in," he sings. "Strange and beautiful, beyond what I comprehend." Meanwhile, rapper Kuku Agami lays more abstract thoughts on the subject, comparing this new feeling to "dancing on a comet" and "kissing on Mars."

For the video, director Christian Juul Søes focuses on a young boy who finds a whole new world full of adventure through a magical box. The kaleidoscopic fantasy land looks like a candy-colored acid trip, but the young boy is happy to explore the new terrain, especially after he's joined by a curly haired girl who's down to journey with him. At video's end, we are finally shown exactly what's in the box: a record player playing Sweatshop's The Getaway.

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"New Religion" is both a dope track and visual sure to have you anxious for what the trio has coming. You can check out the endearing clip about the transformative power of music below. Sweatshop's When You Hear The Sound is set to arrive on June 23rd.

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