SoulBounce Exclusive: Watch Rahbi ‘Keep On’ With His ‘Raw Sessions’

We’ve enjoyed watching the evolution of Atlanta-based soul star Rahbi, whose unique take on soul music is both fun and exciting to watch. One of the great things about Rahbi is that he embraces both the old and new school when it comes to R&B, a fact shown through his “Raw Sessions” series, where he takes a newer song and combines it with a classic from a past era. For his sixth installment in the series, Rahbi takes on Kehlani‘s throwback banger “Keep On” and tosses in a bit of Gina Thompson‘s “The Things You Do” to keep the party going — and SoulBounce is happy to bring you your first look at how it all goes down.

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He sets up shop at Atlanta’s famous American Sushi Recording Studio in the clip, rocking out to Kehlani’s laid back vibe as his backing vocalists — Kennedy Alyse and Avani Lesane — provide the harmonic assist. The cover starts out pretty straightforward, with Rahbi handling the first verse expertly. But after the first chorus, the track segues into “The Things You Do” almost seamlessly, with him going directly into the familiar verse before doing a complete mashup of both song’s choruses. Though we would have never imagined the two songs together (let alone sounding this good), Rahbi has made us true believers.

You can check out Rahbi’s unique mashup below. And if you like it (trust us, you will) there’s plenty more where that came from on his YouTube channel.

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