Melanie Fiona Wants Your 'Location' And Your 'Loyalty' On Her Khalid & Kendrick Lamar Covers

It seems Melanie Fiona is on a bit of a roll. Given that we haven't gotten any new music from her in about two years, she's ensuring that she stays on the tip of everyone’s tongue with a series of acoustic mash-ups via YouTube. She takes on currently popular songs and flawlessly blends them with her own hits. Last month, she blessed fans eagerly awaiting her return to the music scene with her spin on the Joey BadA$$ track "Land of the Free.".  Now she’s back with covers of singer Khalid’s breakout debut single “Location” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Loyalty,” a standout track from his acclaimed new album DAMN. that features Rihanna.

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For both videos, Melanie sits outside, accompanied only by her guitar player. The only background vocals are supplied by chirping birds, which only add to the peaceful scene. Her voice is as clear and powerful as we remember, and her singing seems as easy as breathing. With each video, she delivers an emotional performance while showcasing her stellar vocal ability and talent.

On “Location,” she begins by closing her eyes to get into the groove. She sings about wanting to get more personal with a new love before slyly transitioning into her 2012 single “Change the Record,” which featured B.o.B. However, for her take on “Loyalty,” she comes out the gates with rapid-fire yet pristine vocals before switching to her passionate 2009 hit “It Kills Me.” She concludes the masterful mash-up with one more request for “loyalty.” Both covers remind us of why we were enamored with the Canadian songstress in the first place. Her love and passion for music is evident in everything she sings. Even though with the birth of her first child last year, motherhood has become her first priority, she just can’t stay away.

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Check out Melanie Fiona’s melodic mash-ups, and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel to keep up as she gives into her musical cravings.

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