Melanie Fiona & Jared Cotter Celebrate Mother’s Day With ‘Here For You’

Consider this a heads up for all you procrastinator’s out there: Mother’s Day is this Sunday! It may be too late to mail off those cards, but make sure to do something sweet for your dear old mama this weekend. Speaking of mothers, hot mama Melanie Fiona decided to celebrate her second Mother’s Day by dedicating a beautiful lullaby to her darling baby boy Cameron. And better still, she tapped her bae Jared Cotter, a singer-songwriter in his own right, to join in on the touching acoustic number.

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The song, which the couple wrote together when Melanie was seven months pregnant, is called “Here For You (Cameron’s Song)” and it’s all about the touching bond that parents have with their children. “Have a song here in my heart this afternoon,” the two sing in unison in the recorded video. “A melody of love that’s all for you.” As they sing, they steal furtive, loving glances at each other, looking still very much in love despite and the new challenges that come with having a young baby to raise. Once they finish the song, which finds them pledging their undying love, action and presence to make sure that young Cameron grows up to realize his purpose, they lean in for a cute kiss before Melanie wishes all the mothers out there a happy Mother’s Day.

We’re not gonna say that this brought a tear to our eye (nor we will say it made us realize that the only thing we’re snuggled up with currently is our Netflix subscription). But let’s just say that this one got us right in our feels. Peep Melanie and Jared making musical magic in the name of their baby boy when you press play. Oh, and because it’s Mother’s Day weekend and we love you, we’re also including another entry from Melanie Fiona’s acoustic cover series in which she blends Labrinth‘s “Jealous” with her own hit “Wrong Side Of A Love Song.” Enjoy!

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