Jade Novah Delivers A Sweetly Sincere Take On Jidenna’s ‘Bambi’

Photo Credit: Rikki Wright

Jade Novah is known for her over-the-top covers, recreating hit songs by everyone from Rihanna to Ke$ha with her own unique flavor. However, as of late the singer has stripped things down a bit for her #TheNest series. Accompanied by her husband Devin Johnson, she has delivered cover after cover from the comfort of their living room. For the fourth week in a row, Jade is back at it, keeping it short but ever-so-sweet with her take on Jidenna’s “Bambi.”

While Jidenna’s version gets by less on his singing ability and more on his heartfelt delivery, Novah, a trained actress, gives us both. Unlike her take on Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” and Bruno Mars“That’s What I Like,” she sticks to the script and gives us a pretty faithful cover. Of course, her ad-libs and melisma weren’t part of the original song, but Jade’s a songstress — she’s going to take it there. And we don’t mind one bit.

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Like her recent covers, Jade’s take on “Bambi” is criminally short, coming in at just over one minute. That’s barely a whisper. However, since we can’t get enough of Jade and Devin’s #TheNest series, we’ll take what we can get and stalk her YouTube and SoundCloud pages for the next installment.

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