Full Crate Gets The Party Started On The 'Vogue' EP

Our favorite party starter and Amsterdammer returns with a new steamy EP just in time to help jumpstart your weekend. The five-track EP is entitled Vogue and from start-to-finish Full Crate manages to pack a wallop of a punch and quite a few guest appearances into this short but oh-so-sweet collection.

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Things kick off with the title track, an uptempo dance number featuring the head-scratching appearance of rapper Trinidad James (yes, THAT guy) and British singer Bryn Christoper. Although it seems like a strange pairing on the surface, the trio effortlessly pulls it off. James' brand of rap-talk fits snugly into the pocket of this club tune, proving that there's more to him than his wildly popular Gold-certified single. For his part, Full Crate has created a project that would be perfect for any sweaty dance floor shenanigans you and your friends plan on getting into.

Other guests include Kao, who features on the EP's second track, "Mogul," and FC's fellow Dutchman Papa Ghana, who shows up on the Afrobeat-electro fusion closing track, "L'Afrique." Rounding out the EP is "Island Girl" featuring singer Bluey Robinson. If the song sounds familiar to you, then that's because it first premiered last July. However, the good thing about a great song is that it never gets old and that's the case with this one. Even nearly a year after its debut, "Island Girl" still maintains enough thumping fun to keep you on the dance floor.

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Vogue is currently streaming on Spotify and is available on Google Play and iTunes.

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