Bryson Tiller Celebrates Melanated Beauty & Black Girl Magic In 'Somethin Tells Me,' Drops 'True To Self' Early

Bryson Tiller has been full of surprises this month. Two weeks ago he dropped three new songs out of the blue, and, of those tracks, the main single is "Somethin Tells Me," for which he dropped a music video hours before releasing his sophomore album, True to Self, a month early. What a way to start off Memorial Day weekend? Although for Bryson Tiller fans, this holiday probably felt more like Christmas.

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The trap soul king not only appeals to his fanbase but to melanin aficionados and Black Girl Magic enthusiasts with the visual for "Somethin Tells Me." Directed by Elijah Steen, the video is a feast for the eyes with a bevy of beautiful Black women throughout as Bryson plays a photographer with the enviable job of shooting them. He arrives on the outdoor set in a fresh white Porsche Carrera and gets right to work with his camera. His subjects are dressed in bathing suits and bikinis that coordinate with their varying complexions. The all-white set with blue skies above and a sunny beach provide the perfect backdrop. The scenery is breathtaking, but it's the stunning models who steal the show as they pose, frolic, dance and make you want to watch their every move. There are also scenes of Bryson in a darkroom developing the photos of the beauties and posting them on the wall. At the video's end, we see him add one last photo to the wall, and we suspect that she's the one he's singing about as the camera lingers on her picture.

As for True to Self, Tiller's latest collection features a whopping 19 tracks. The singer apparently has a lot to get off of his chest since his 2015 debut, T R A P S O U L, and was very excited to share the new music, a full month before its original June 23rd release date.

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After you take in the "Somethin Tells Me" visual in all its splendor, listen to the album stream then add True to Self to your collection by ordering from Amazon, iTunes or Google Play.

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