This Week In SoulBounce: Kendrick Lamar Rules The Charts, Beyoncé Keeps Giving Back, Aretha Franklin Is The Queen Of Petty & More

And just like that, April is over. Bye girl, sad to see you go (even though that means that summer is almost here!). But April isn’t leaving without providing us one last bounty of music news. Did you hear about our homie Kendrick Lamar making history on the Billboard charts? What about Queen Beyoncé putting her money where here heart is once again? Well, we know you had to hear about Aretha Franklin popping the cork on some vintage shade reserved for Dionne Warwick. No? Where have you been? Well don’t worry, we’ve got those tidbits as well as news about a possible Rihanna/Lupita Nyong’o cinematic team-up, R. Kelly getting sued for keeping it on the down low with a deputy’s wife, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith‘s return to the stage and much more. Ready to get jiggy with it? Well then, read on.

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