Soul For Real Is Back In 'Love Again'

Here's a sentence we never thought we'd be writing: Soul For Real is back! The Brothers Dalyrimple came out strong in their heyday with the hit single "Candy Rain" and its follow-up, "Every Little Thing I Do," but their initial musical success was short lived. That didn't mean that the quartet stopped working, though, as they've released a few singles here and there over the years. In fact, last year, they dropped brand new single "Love Again." Now, nearly a year later, they've come correct with a video for the track.

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"Love Again" is a mid-tempo modern R&B cut that finds the fellas once again singing about finding the perfect girl. However, rather than they're sweet adolescent tones, the fellas are offering matured vocal stylings (tempered with some Auto-Tune here and there) over the paint-by-numbers production. Similarly, the song's video is a fairly predictable affair, with performance shots of the guys together and an intersecting storyline that finds the guys meeting and greeting with a few lovely ladies (though it's not entirely clear what much of what goes on here has to do with the other elements).

Sure, everything here isn't hitting on all cylinders and we really wish that it wasn't so run of the mill. However, we are glad to see that Soul For Real is still alive and kicking despite life and all its obstacles getting in the way. But if they want a return to their glory days, they're going to need to come just a bit better than this.

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Peep the video for "Love Again" below and catch up on all things Soul For Real via their website and the group's Twitter account.

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