NxWorries Gets Paid In Full In ‘Scared Money’

NxWorries‘ debut album Yes Lawd! was chock-full of jams from front to back. However, one of our favorites on the set was smooth jam “Scared Money.” The cut, laced with a nostalgic ’80s vibe courtesy of a sample of B.B. & QBand‘s “(I Could Never Say) It’s Over,” was on constant repeat around SBHQ. So, of course, we’re happy that it’s the next joint from the album to get the video treatment. And we’re even happier that the duo chose to pay tribute to hood classic Paid In Full in the visuals.

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For the clip,  group members Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge reenact their favorite scenes from the film, complete with gold chains, Kangol hats and Gucci slides. The fellas revel in the late ’80s version of the ghetto-fabulous good life for nearly a full two minutes before the clip abruptly reveals it was all a fantasy in AP’s head. However, rather than end right there, were instead treated to a whole new treatment for a remix of Yes Lawd! track “Best One.” AP and Knxwledge are seen in smoky silhouette before we then cut to them chilling on an empty basketball court against the most beautiful blue sky ever as the slightly slower version of the track plays. The track ends just as soon as it began, however, with the video fading to black on a title card that reads “i realli hope i dnt have to.” While that is a slightly strange way to end things, it does come with good news. The “Best One” remix is just our first taste of a full-length Yes Lawd! remix album that is coming soon. Yes lawd, indeed!

If you love NxWorries, love Paid In Full, want to hear your first taste of the Yes Lawd! remix LP or — most likely — some combination of the three, check out the video for “Scared Money” below.

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