Maimouna Youssef Ventures Into The 'Unknown'

Photo Credit: Anna Falck

Songstress and lyricist Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh is back with a moving ode to her son. On her new single "Unknown" she shares the very personal thoughts and emotions she experienced on the road towards motherhood over a Khrysis-produced track that is every bit of hip-hop. Her jazzy, soul-filled tone conveys both the uncertainty and the determination she felt as she sings, “Baby I’m scared / But I’m willing to jump into the distance of the unknown / As long as I got you I’m home.” From there, she spits the hot fire that we've become used to from her. Each verse poetically captures her experience from the actual birth to the pride and joy felt from watching her man-child grow. Though reminiscent of Lauryn Hill’s “Zion,” this feeling is purely based on the subject matter, as Youssef's touching tribute is made her way.

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Hinting at a summer release for a new album, Mumu Fresh decided there was no more fitting time to reveal the track than on her son’s birthday. She says, “After my son's birth, my mid-wife asked me to write my birthing story because she felt like it would be very inspiring to lots of women.” Youssef agreed at the time, but somehow it never came to be. “Then one day I was in 9th Wonder's studio in North Carolina, and I was trying to find a way to tell the story of my birth. Then Khrysis put this beat on and it all poured out of me.”  Whether you are a mother, a son or simply someone who enjoys heartfelt vocals, thoughtful storytelling and head nod-inducing beats, you will feel this track deep down in your soul.

Give GRAMMY-nominated artist Maimouna Youssef’s love letter to her baby boy a spin below. We’ll keep you posted on any details regarding that new album, but in the meantime keep up with her on her website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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