'Explore' What Happens 'AfterHours' With Mack Wilds

When Mack Wilds wasn't busy in front of the camera filming starring roles in VH1's The Breaks and FOX's Shots Fired, he somehow found the time to get in the studio to record new music. We'll soon hear all that he's been cooking up in the lab when he drops his next project, AfterHours, on April 7th. Yes, as in this Friday. Wilds wastes no time and gives us a sample of his sophomore album with the first single "Explore."

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With a title like "Explore" on an album named AfterHours, one might think that Mr. Wilds is getting into an intimate encounter in the bedroom. Unfortunately for him that's not the case, and he's instead getting into his feelings as he sings about his girl who is gone with the wind. She has kicked the singer to the curb and the story unfolds when he ponders, "What do you do when you love her, but you know she love somebody else?" Mack knows the answer to that question, and he sadly has to let her go; it's another love TKO. The track is short but bittersweet, clocking in at a little over two minutes, but it's nonetheless satisfying thanks to Mack's delightful vocals backed by heavy synths and programmed drums.

"Explore" follows a few loosies from Mack Wilds that have dropped in the years since his stellar debut, New York: A Love Story. Last year he entertained us on Salaam Remi's "Camouflage" and "Love In the 90z," and in 2015 there was the track "Bonnie & Clyde" that found a spot on our hide-and-go-freak playlists. That song might find a new life on AfterHours, which has a song name "Bonnie & Clyde" featuring Wale on the tracklist. We'll see if our theory is right soon enough. Other guests on the 12-track collection include Tink and Cam Wallace. Give "Explore" a spin, take a peek at Mack in action in a brief album promo and peep the album's tracklist right here before making your way to AmazoniTunes or Google Play to place your pre-order. Get ready to find out what goes on AfterHours with Mack Wilds and friends when the album drops on Friday, and don't miss him on The Breaks tonight and Shots Fired on Wednesday.

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Mack Wilds AfterHours tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Bonnie & Clyde (feat. Wale)
3. Obsession
4. Senses (feat. Tink)
5. Vibes (feat. Cam Wallace)
6. Stolen Gold
7. Couldthisbelove?
8. Stingy
9. Go Crazy
10. Explore
11. Choose
12. Crash

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