Full Crate & Co. Bring Their ‘Rock The Boat’ Series Remixes To The Masses With Remix EP

If you’re fans of Full Crate like us, then you’ve felt a twinge of jealousy each month whenever his monthly Rock The Boat event rolls around in his Amsterdam hometown. We can’t help but suffer from a serious case of FoMO just based on his reputation as one of the more versatile producers/DJs and the way-too-lit images featured on the event’s Instagram page alone. Well, now we have a little less reason to turn green with envy each month thanks to the Rock The Boat presents The Remixes EP.

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The three-song project finds FC and company adding their own flair to Childish Gambino‘s “Redbone,” J.Lo‘s “Get Right” and Hudson East‘s “Got Me.” He calls on the help of PimPim to manipulate the ’70s-dipped funk of “Redbone” into an electro-dancehall hybrid that’s smoothed out in all the right places. For “Get Right,” Full Crate opts to sample James Brown‘s “Soul Power,” the song sampled in J.Lo’s 2005 hit. Once again, dancehall effortlessly weaves its way into the song’s root, softening the song’s harsher edges. Lastly, he enlists Lee and frequent collaborator Mar on this hauntingly gorgeous remix of “Got Me.”

According to Crate, the project was born out of the many special remixes he and the guys create each month for the Rock The Boat parties. “We make a lot of edits for our event and have decided to start releasing some of them,” he said via email. For those of us who won’t be visiting Amsterdam anytime soon, this news is music to our ears. Check out the first edition of the Rock The Boat remix series and then add it to your permanent collection courtesy of the free download that Full Crate and fam are offering.

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