EVRYWHR Celebrates A ‘Mother To Be’ & The ‘Flower Of Life’

Singer/songwriter EVRYWHR has been making waves in R&B over the past couple months. He released his first single “Mother To Be” back in February, followed by its music video in March. The track, from his forthcoming EP Shannon, is a tribute to his girlfriend and mother of his newborn son, Zion. In the video, we watch EVRYWHR, aka the artist formerly known as Michael J. Jefferson, caress his girl’s stomach as he praises her for creating new life. The sweet visuals have an even sweeter melody, with EVRYWHR singing about her pregnant cravings, the baby moving and more. “Good morning mother to be / You’re going to be amazing / Don’t you second-guess a thing / I know you’re in pain / Good morning, mother to be / You’re stronger than you think and on the days when you get weak just lean on me,” he lovingly sings.

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For his follow-up, EVRYWHR keeps things along those same love lines. On “Flower Of Life,” it seems that Zion has arrived and his happy father continues his love fest now at a table set for three. In the mid-tempo track featuring rapper KOS, EVRYWHR compares falling in love to drug addiction, wanting to be everything he can for his lover. An easy listen, you may just get addicted to EVRYWHR and his unique, airy vocals as he bares his feelings.

The Michigan-bred, Los Angeles native is a GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter, who has written for the likes of Lecrae, Mila J. and Leona Lewis. If his singles “Mother To Be” and “Flower Of Life” don’t pull at your heartstrings just a little bit, you may need to check your pulse. Check out the video for “Mother To Be” and watch until the end to catch a love letter from EVRYWHR to his special lady, then segue into listening to “Flower Of Life” to get another fix of the soulful artist and his celebration of love and life.

For more EVRYWHR, keep up with the artist on his official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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