DAWN Takes Us On A Trip Through ‘LA’ & Plans A Summer Tour

While some singers talk about being artsy, D∆WN shows and proves she’s unapologetically, but always authentically, an artist. The “Vines” singer brings her ideas to life with music and visuals that defy comprehension and budgets. Her latest single, “LA” featuring Trombone Shorty, is a mid-tempo thumper that is complemented by an equally amazing video.

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“LA” tells the story of D∆WN’s experiences in both Los Angeles and her home of Louisiana, the machine versus the heart, a parallel between the beauty and struggle of both places in her life. Lyrically, the song is sparse. The chorus, “These LA streets are killing me,” haunts the listener against a musical backdrop that is both relaxing yet arresting. Produced by Mike Iveson, Kaveh Rastegar and Noisecastle III, the song goes from heavy synths and electric guitar to the smooth jazz stylings of Trombone Shorty. While the sounds exist parallel in harmony, they are ideas that shouldn’t fit but blend perfectly to create something beautiful, like a cotton and polyester sundress or the heavy machinery of a 1950 Corvette rolling down a country road.

The black-and-white (with a few pops of red to represent the “RED” or REDemption Era) video for “LA” is another masterpiece in D∆WN’s collection. Directed by frequent collaborator Monty Marsh, the visual finds DAWN dancing her way across the City of Angels, rocking a few different outfits — from a gorgeous gown to a few round-the-way girl looks. While it is expected that a video about La La Land would show off a few tourist destinations, D∆WN keeps it real. We visit both local landmarks, such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, along with back alleys, city streets and even a city bus, giving us a visual representation of the highs and lows of living in Floss Angeles.

The clip ends with Trombone Shorty’s horn solo. The experience features a mural of famous black performers, the street noises in the background blending with the melodic hum of his horn, giving us a taste of New Orleans.

DAWN has not only dropped this visual, but she’s also announced that she will be hitting the road this summer. While only a seven-city jaunt, with stops in Detroit, Chicago, Toronto and Brooklyn, all destinations will be in for a real treat. Tickets can be purchased at DAWN’s website, www.dawnrichard.net. In the meantime, in between show times, you should take a few minutes to watch DAWN’s breathtaking new video for “LA.”

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