Alex Isley Wonders How Anyone Can ‘Feel No Love’

Alex Isley has a lot to feel inspired by. With her producer bae Kenyon Dixon and a brand new baby girl in her world, it is perfectly understandable that she has love on the brain. On her latest single, “Feel No Love,” she ponders both the hurt that love can leave in its wake in addition to its healing powers — and trust us when we tell you that it’ll leave you with all the feels by the end of the song.

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On the dreamy song, Isley questions how someone can lack love in their heart. She challenges the unnamed person to look past the hurt they’ve experienced in the past to allow love to heal them and make them whole once more. Though simple and sparse in nature, the song’s arrangement allows the listener to focus on the lyrics and the overall vibe of the song. Written, produced and arranged by the talented singer herself, Isley’s airy, layered vocals only add to the transcendent and soothing nature of the single, leaving you feeling as if anything can be overcome with just a little bit of love and trust.

“Feel No Love” comes on the heels of her collaboration with Dixon released last month. While she’s been teasing this latest song since January, there’s still no word on when we will be privy to a new full-length release from her. All we do know, however, is that as long as she keeps soothing our souls with music like this, we’ll wait forever if we have to.

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