Veronica King's 'Ice Cream Sundae' Is A Tasty Treat

Singer/songwriter and PYT Veronica King makes her debut with the single “Ice Cream Sundae” just might be the first track on our spring fling playlist. The Washington, D.C. native has captured our attention with a fun yet sensual track that makes us want to look starry-eyed into the soul of another and shoot our shot.

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What makes “Ice Cream Sundae” the perfect spring love anthem is the way it captures the cavalier, carefree vibe of falling in love. Over a subtle blend of haunting synths, guitar licks and breathy harmonies, Veronica spits game, “I like you, we don’t have to make this difficult / No pressure, we’ll see if we’re compatible.” King's feather light vocals are enough to carry the song, as the young songstress definitely has some pipes. However, her effortless charisma and charm are just the cherries on top of an intoxicating blend of soulful R&B.

Speaking of cherries on top, the saccharine sweet video is almost too cute for words. Directed by Adebayo Umoja, Veronica takes the viewer on a date. We see King enjoying a nice milkshake, walking through the park and many other innocent first date adventures, all while watching her whisper sweet nothings as she bounces and flaunts her frilly skirt.

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“Ice Cream Sundae” is our introduction to Veronica King, who aspires to be the Queen of Indie R&B. While that’s quite a lofty ambition, we’ll give her props for delivering a lush and intoxicating debut to get us all in our feels. Before we hand over the crown, we’ll see what’s popping on her upcoming currently untitled debut EP, expected sometime this spring. In the meantime, hit play and get ready to fall in love with Veronica King and her tasty sweet "Ice Cream Sundae."


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