Trey Songz Engages In Some Pretty Suggestive Behavior In 'She Lovin' It'

While Trey Songz is known for bedroom jams like “Can’t B Friends,” he’s also known for certified club bangers, such as “Say Ah” and “Touchin, Lovin'.” His latest single, “She Lovin It,” follows that proud tradition as a playful, uptempo sexy number that describes the back and forth of a couple in the midst of trying to do the up and down.

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Riding along to a soundbed composed of acoustic guitar, finger snaps and bouncy synths, "She Lovin It" finds Trey calling his girl’s bluff in the bedroom. The object of his affection tries to play coy, but she can’t fool Trey, her smile and her body language betray her earnest notions. Trey sings, “She said that she didn't wanna be loved / I said, Why the hell are you here? / She said tonight she don't wanna be touched / And if that's the truth, why you so near?”

“She Lovin It” is also the soundtrack to the fourth episode of Trey’s faux reality dating show, Tremaine the Playboy. However, we say that loosely. The latest clip pretty much all but abandons the trappings of the show to indulge in some sexy hjinks. The clip starts where the last episode/video “Song Goes Off ” ended, with the lovers getting in bed for a night of making up. The next morning, the two lovers indulge in a pillow fight along with what Austin Powers would describe as some pretty randy behavior. His love interest, played by Kreesha Turner, tries to fight her feelings for Trey but can’t help herself. She still loves him and he still loves her, every inch of her apparently, judging by the way he grabs and fondles her in her barely there bra and panty set, not to mention the acrobatics.

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“She Lovin It” is the first uptempo track we’ve sampled from Trey Songz upcoming project, Tremaine the Album, and is a welcome addition to the set.  It not only plays well into the storyline of the show, but it is also a jam on its own. With one more episode of Trey’s reality show left and with the album dropping the following day on March 24th, we’ll have our eyes peeled to and ears tuned to iTunes for what surprises the ladies man has it store for us next week.

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