We're Down For Ronald Bruner Jr.'s 'Whenever'

Ronald Bruner Jr.

It seems you can't go one minute without hearing something from the talented Bruner brothers these days. Middle child Thundercat (aka Stephen Bruner) just dropped his excellent album Drunk this past Friday. Then you have baby boy Kintaro (aka former The Internet member Jameel Bruner) slinging loosies like "Somethin" all over the place. And don't forget older brother Ronald Bruner Jr., who's gearing up to drop his debut album Triumph this Friday. We've already got a preview of what to expect from Triumph with singles "Take The Time" and "Sensation," and we get one last sampling with the third release from the set, "Whenever."

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As with his other releases, the musicality is strong on "Whenever," with Ronald singing about a lover that makes his clock go tick tock. On the song's chorus, he makes his devotion to her pretty clear, singing, "Whenever you want me, girl / Whenever you need me, girl / Just give me a few seconds and I'll be there." Underscoring his sentiments is a tight musical arrangement heavy on horns, funk and, of course, drums. All the elements meld together to make this one endearing song that we can't get enough of, and we have a feeling that you'll agree.

Give "Whenever" a spin or ten below and be sure to pick up Triumph when it arrives on Friday.

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