Lorine Chia & Billie Mitchell Exude 'Black Girl Magic'

When CaShawn Thompson coined the phrase "Black Girls Are Magic" in 2013, her goal was clear: celebrate the complexities of being a Black female whether society agreed or not. The hashtag, #BlackGirlMagic, chock full of pride and confirmation of beauty in every shade of Black, spread like wildfire. Its influence cultivating sista hugs, high-fives and affirming declarations across the globe.

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Cameroon-American songstress Lorine Chia believed it only fitting that the movement have its very own theme song. Get your smirky head-nod ready because “Black Girl Magic,” her collaboration featuring vocalist Billie Mitchell and production by longtime collaborator Givtyd, is one of those joints. You’ll sexy bop to this hip-hop-infused R&B sing-along. They break it down and make it plain on t “Me and all my girls / We don’t want no problems / We gon’ take over the world / Can’t nobody stop us / Being a Black girl in this world / They don’t understand it / That’s cause we so magical / Call it Black Girl Magic."

It's fitting that Lorine and Billie premiere this anthem on the last day of Black History Month leading into Women's History Month. The rhythmic affirmation certainly refreshes airwaves inundated with less than loving odes to Black women worldwide. Lorine said it best while promoting the single’s release: “. . .To you, my fellow black girls: We need to appreciate ourselves and each other. Let's reclaim our narrative. Keep going, push through, and show everyone how immaculate you are. Take pride in your heritage. You are powerful. You are valuable. You are special. No one can stop you, and don't ever let anyone make you feel like you're wrong for being so magical. "

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Get a dose of Lorine Chia and Billie Mitchell's “Black Girl Magic” and revel in its positive vibes.

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