Jidenna Bares His Feelings For ‘Bambi’ On ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

When we last saw Jidenna in the music video for “Bambi” he was downright disheveled and utterly unhinged as he ran for his life to get back to his love. Unfortunately for him, it was too little too late and he let another man put a ring on it. Despite being left behind on the curb and the finality of it all, the rapper/singer is still in his feelings about “Bambi” and took to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert‘s stage to share them.

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Our favorite dandy was decked out in his usual three-piece suit and Chucks, but his hair told a different story. Typically fried, dyed and laid to the side, his awry and undone coiffure served as a metaphor for his love life. Jidenna nursed a cocktail at the beginning of the performance and took great care not to spill his drink as he bopped around and sang. He finally put the glass down and fully got into the song, showcasing his surprisingly solid vocals, emoting and lamenting about the one that got away. While Jidenna impressed in the foreground, his four-man band held him down in the background with live instruments. Toward the end of the performance, the band left their positions to huddle around a microphone and sing an a cappella breakdown on the outro as Jidenna crooned on.

Talk about entertaining. Stephen Colbert‘s audience agreed and broke out into raucous applause after the last note. Jidenna may no longer have “Bambi,” but he had everyone watching in the palm of his hand.

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