FKJ Questions The Limits Of Humanity In 'Why Are There Boundaries'

FKJ "Why Are There Boundaries" Still

If you just don't understand the ways of the world today, you are not alone. Even though technology is making the world smaller than ever, forces (and people) seem to want to push us further apart. It's a dilemma especially felt by musicians, some of the world's most global citizens. Multi-instrumentalist and producer FKJ, also known as French Kiwi Juice, addresses the problem on his song "Why Are There Boundaries," the closing track on his self-titled debut French Kiwi Juice. To further illustrate his point, however, he's created a stunning and poignant visual to accompany the political song.

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The song itself finds FKJ taking on the voice of a child asking the authorities in his life one simple question: "Why are there boundaries?" The ponderance is set to lush, melancholy production featuring bluesy guitar and dreamy, layered vocal harmonies. Of course, over the course of the song, no one can provide an answer to the simple question, mainly because there really isn't one that's good enough. FKJ further drives that point home in the video, filming in Tijuana, Mexico near the U.S.-Mexico border — where, if he has his way, 45 is set to build that unnecessary wall of his. The video explores the terrain through breathtaking, sweeping shots that highlight the differences on either side of the of the border. But perhaps the most interesting (and maybe even most damning) shot is the parting one. It shows the roaring waves of the ocean and a fence that juts out into it, ending abruptly in the middle and perhaps proving the futility of such measures.

It's a thought-provoking piece from the musician, one that we should consider as the powers that be seem to try and drive the wedge between all of us deeper and deeper. Check out the video, and be sure to pick up French Kiwi Juice, which is available at all digital retailers and on all streaming services now.

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