dvsn Delivers A Haunting Love Story In ‘Hallucinations’

It took a while to get some visuals to accompany the songs from dvsn‘s debut SEPT. 5TH. However, once they got the ball rolling, it seems as if they have no plans of stopping until each and every track has a video. We’ve already gotten stylish clips for “Too Deep,” the dual clip for “With Me” and “Do It Well” and even a short film that featured “Angela,” “Try/Effortless” and “The Line” as its soundtrack. Now we’ve been given an emotional and haunting clip for heart-rending number “Hallucinations.”

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The video focuses on a couple and their tumultuous love affair. We’re treated to many of their moments, from the calm and serene to the angry and argumentative and each of the hills and valleys in between. As the video progresses, we also see them after they’ve ended the affair. The male, played by Queen Sugar‘s Kofi Siriboe, tries to move on in his own way, visiting strip clubs and entertaining various women in his bed. However, despite his best efforts, he can’t shake the vision of his ex everywhere he goes. He sees her in his bed, in his car, even in his dreams. However, though she’s also hurting, she’s more resolved to move on and shut him out.

The video captures the raw emotional honesty of the song quite well, bringing to life the song’s lyrics and pairing quite nicely with the emotional feel of the track. Check out dvsn’s latest visual here and stay tuned in case there are more to come.

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