Anna Wise Finds The 'Balance In All'

If you're like us, then you can't get enough of Anna Wise's latest joint, The Feminine: Act II. We've already sung the praises of dreamy lead single "Coconuts" (and its colorful video) and jammed to the '80s funk-influenced jam "Some Mistakes." Now Anna is treating us to a video for the blissed-out track "Balance In All."

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The song itself, an ode to becoming one with the natural order of things, is a soothing track infused with a bit of soul and even some jazzy phrasing. For the video, she revisits the style we saw in "Coconuts." However, while that video starts on the beach and ends up on a blank soundstage, "Balance In All" is all about nature. We see Anna on the shores of the beach, in what looks to be a wooded area and posing with a serpent draped around her neck. It all shows her finding her own balance and becoming one with the world.

Explaining the clip, Anna shared a bit of insight into its creation. "I grew up in Northern California close to what I call the ocean forest," she said, according to Stereogum. "My family would often visit Muir Woods. There are trees so big there you can’t wrap your arms around them. On these family trips, I’d sneak off into a private corner of nature and sing to the Redwoods. I felt completely isolated in my private nature nook, although my mom always had an eye on me. I fell in love with the dense green and became acquainted with silence. I’d lie still and watch nature reveal itself to me. The faint smell of salt water reminded me the Pacific Ocean was just beyond the foliage curtain. It wasn’t until I moved to Brooklyn that I realized I grew up in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I began to miss it terribly. Recently, I had a chance to return home. I felt drawn to document where I first felt wild and free as a child. ‘Balance In All’ is a tribute to the ecstatic healing powers of nature, the natural anti-depressant of fresh air and bird songs, and the cleansing power of the ocean."

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Watch Anna commune with nature in the video for "Balance In All."

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