Tangina Stone Sings An Ode To The 'Black Boy'

Tangina Stone’s mellow, genre-defying take on soulful music continues with her latest release “Black Boy” from her forthcoming debut LP Elevate. Featuring accomplished saxophonist Kenneth Whalum, “Black Boy” reaffirms Tangina’s commitment to changing the world one song at a time. A melodic consideration of the pains of Black life in America, "Black Boy" asks that we observe them through the lens of her complex relationship with her father. Always poignant lyrically, Tangina’s vocals are especially haunting here.

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She told ESSENCE that her music always has a meaningful story to share: “I am telling stories about the things that have happened in my life. I am also telling stories about things that have happened in the lives of others that have affected my heart, my decisions, or my way of thinking. When something moves me, it is my duty as an artist to express it in the best way that I can.” “Black Boy” certainly feels like a peek inside the pages of Tangina’s journals.

A cascade of fragile emotions, “Black Boy” will carry us to wounded places; exhausting social ills we are all too familiar with. We are unwillingly at home. But there’s healing here. Beautiful production by the album’s executive producer Crystal Caines ensures it.

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Elevate is expected to drop this spring. Until then, enjoy "Black Boy" by taking a listen right here. Follow Stone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up-to-date about her music and tour dates. Check out her website for other cool Tangina details.

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