SoulBounce Exclusive: 'Start' Your Valentine's Day With Amber Mimz's Latest Video

Amber Mimz is a name we haven't heard in a while, but we're so very happy to hear it now. The Washington, D.C. native released her aptly titled three-song live EP Three last spring and has been making waves with the set ever since. The EP, full of dreamy, jazzy odes to love. One particular song that especially stands out on the set is "Start," which depicts love and the regret of maybe missing your chance. It's an idea that resonates especially on a day like Valentine's Day, where love is in the air and those who are single are acutely aware of the fact. Now, as a Valentine's Day treat, SoulBounce is happy to exclusively premiere the video for "Start."

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The clip takes Amber, dressed in a shimmering sequined coat, to the streets of London town, where she observes couples in love among the city's backdrops. Amber communicates the song's expression of doubt, hope and regret quite well in her performance, creating an intimacy with both the camera and the viewer as she sings, conveying a sense of both love and loss. And for those with a keen ear, you might even here an interpolation of a lovesick Sade classic thrown in for good measure.

"We learn what we want through experience, lessons and sometimes regrets," Amber said of the song. "Love shouldn't be hard to navigate but if you never give it a chance you may never know. 'Start' is about the leap you didn't take and I believe every day is a chance to try again. On Valentine's Day, hopes are higher, optimism is in the air and, for us singles, it reminds us to never settle.... I loved working on this video because the beauty in what happens before the regret is depicted in the city of London, the landscape, the lights, the people, the PDA... the part where you fall in love with the energy. It was important to capture what can make regret disappointing and acknowledge the hardest part, to Start."

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If you live in the D.C. area and have neglected to make V-Day plans (for shame!), you can catch Amber and Alison Carney performing for couples and singles alike live. Get all the info and take a peek at Amber's emotional visual story below.

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