Sevyn Streeter & Luke James Get Romantic On ‘Nothing Even Matters’ Remake

Let’s face it, covering an iconic Quiet Storm staple like “Nothing Even Matters” is a pretty lofty aspiration. “Please don’t try this at home” warnings immediately come to mind. Seriously, who wants to grab the mic after a Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo takeover? Well, Sevyn Streeter and Luke James have taken the stage with a sweet tag-team interpretation of the 1998 classic that will delight new fans. Lovers of the original version will also find joy in the track’s tenderness. Most won’t even mind the soulful differences setting the two versions apart.

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Sevyn and Luke have taken a distinct pop/R&B direction with their celebration of the throwback. An obvious key change removes some of the intensity serving as the original’s foundation. We find Sevyn and Luke’s vocals floating gently along the groove, ushering in a more romantic than passionate vibe. There is a little less organic intimacy this time around, but the arrangements and vocal performances are stellar nonetheless.

The chemistry feels authentic between real-life friends Sevyn and Luke. This synchronicity adds a special richness to the vocal love story that will resonate with audiences. While we found ourselves waiting for the warmth of the 1998 vocals — the fire that instantly inserts listeners into sacred steamy spaces existing between torrid lovers — we appreciate Sevyn and Luke’s delicate approach.

This rendition almost feels like a prequel to the original. Lovers are preparing for a passionate encounter rather than being in the throes of the one featured on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Either way, Sevyn and Luke have done an excellent job of handling the classic with care.

Keep an ear out for Sevyn’s upcoming album, Girl Disrupted, scheduled to drop later this year, and cross your fingers that Luke James has more music in the works after taking time off from his solo endeavors to play Johnny Gill in The New Edition Story. Until then, scroll down and give Sevyn and Luke’s cover of “Nothing Even Matters” a few listens.

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