RAE Steams Things Up On Debut Single ‘All For You’

Singer, songwriter and sweetheart RAE has been waiting a minute to get her spot in the limelight. The emerging artist has been a part of Atlanta’s music scene since the age of 15, sharing the stage with artists such as Prince and OutKast, at one point signed to a girl group under Young Jeezy and for the last five years touring the world as a background singer for Janelle Monáe. Now RAE is stepping out on faith and incredible talent to become major star in her own right with her steamy debut single, “All For You.”

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Produced by Shannon “SL” Lee and Adonis Shropshire, “All For You” is a sultry trap ballad where RAE lets her lover know what she brings to the table. However, RAE delivers more than just breathy vocals and sweet nothings. She’s pushing up on the object of her affection aggressively, proclaiming, “You know I got tha juice / I got that RAE lemonade quench your thirst / Yeah, all for you.” Outside of suggestive lyrics, the background vocals mixed with a good dose of trap rap ad-libs (she is from the ATL, shawty), creates an intoxicating soundbed.

“All For You” is the first single from RAE’s upcoming EP entitled LOVE ALWAYS, due to impact your playlists and be in heavy rotation sometime this summer.

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