NxWorries Bring ‘What More Can I Say’ To ‘The Tonight Show’

Love was in the air yesterday, with it being Valentine’s Day and all, but for those not wrapped up in the throes of love last night, there was plenty of entertainment to make you forget you were all alone (again). On the late night creep, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon brought the funny and the funky with musical guests NxWorries. The duo, consisting of GRAMMY nominee Anderson .Paak and GRAMMY winner Knxwledge, brought their Yes Lawd! track “What More Can I Say” to the show’s famed stage.

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Rather than do a straight-up performance of the track, the duo also flexed their dramatic skills for the set as well with the help of two lovely ladies and a string quartet. Anderson starts the set lying on a couch as a nubile young woman throws a discovered pair of panties at him and plops down next to him. From there, the song begins, with Anderson detailing his struggles with keeping faithful. By the second verse, another attractive young lady throws her drink at him and then sits beside him as well. From there, Andy P kicks more excuses to the undeniable groove as the ladies look on with annoyed looks on their faces. The set comes to a close with a snippet of the song the track samples, The Notation‘s “What More Can I Say,” as Knxwledge walks off with the two ladies and a couple roses, leaving Anderson on the couch all by himself.

While it was definitely not the kind of performance you’d expect from The Tonight Show, it was definitely one worth watching. Check it out below.

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