Mary J. Blige Shares A ‘Love Lesson’ With ‘U + Me’

Though we were sad to hear of the dissolution of her marriage, when Mary J. Blige channeled the hurt and pain into soul-stirring single “Thick Of It,” we were looking forward to seeing how much the admittedly difficult time in her life would inspire her next project, Strength of a Woman. Today, we get another taste of what’s to come with Mary’s newest single, “U + Me (Love Lesson).”

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Like “Thick Of It,” “U + Me” finds MJB still picking up the pieces of her shattered marriage. Also like “Thick Of It,” she sets her lament over booming, dramatic production that marries her R&B roots with the current sound of hip-hop rocking the mainstream right now. Lyrically, Mary’s making a love equation, with the singer realizing that everything ain’t adding up to happily ever after. “You plus me was a love lesson / In too deep with our imperfections,” she sings. “You had me, should’ve never questioned.” Though she’s obviously had a rough go of love, she still manages to find the strength to move forward on the bridge, singing, “Gotta keep on pushin’ / Love myself through the hard times.”

With its undeniable head nod factor and empowering lyrics, this one should definitely be a hit with Mary J.’s fan base who are looking to Mary to learn how to persevere loves aches and pains. In fact, they’ll want to get pen and paper ready to take notes before they press play below.

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