Mariah Carey Gets Over Her Ex & Is On To The Next In ‘I Don’t’

It is the year 2017, but your girl Mariah Carey is borrowing some ’90s swag for her latest single. In “I Don’t,” Mariah laments her ex-fiancé in the key of Donell Jones‘ classic “Where I Wanna Be.” To make it appealing to her younger fans, she enlists the help of Compton-bred rapper YG. The mid-tempo track, produced by Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox, could serve as your next breakup anthem and the video reinforces the theme.

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Shot at the home she shared with former fiancé James Packer, Ms. Carey looks like a runaway bride, jogging out of the house in what would’ve been her real wedding dress. “Because when you love someone / You just don’t treat them bad  / You messed up all we have / Probably think I’m coming back,” she sings, flipping Donell’s lyrics. In each scene, Mariah is barely dressed in the finest intimates from Frederick’s of Hollywood, while YG dons fancy tuxedos sans a shirt. In one clip, Mariah is on fire in a barely there red dress and throws her $250,ooo Valentino gown into the flames since she has no further use for it. You can hear Donell’s sampled voice in the background singing, “I don’t mean to hurt you, baby, oh, no, no…,” although she did mean to hurt the dress.

While we have yet to see if Packer is affected by the single or video at all, it’s clear Mariah is a tad bit in her feels. You can follow Mimi’s next steps (and see if she’s okay) via her website, It looks like she’s currently working on new music, and she’ll be on tour with Lionel Richie, which kicks off March 15th in Baltimore. If you need a little break-up anthem to add to your collection, you can cop “I Don’t” on Amazon or iTunes now and play Mariah’s new video til your broken heart’s content right here.

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