Kindred The Family Soul Uplifts & Entertains With ‘Welcome To My World’ Video

Kindred the Family Soul has been blessing us with their music ministry for over a decade now. And yes, we said ministry, because Lord knows Aja and Fatin Dantzler are a living testimony of faith, family, community and Black love. From “All My People” to “Moving On,” their latest album Legacy of Love has been the uplifting soundtrack we need to keep us inspired and empowered over this past year. Love is the overall theme, yes, but it is deeply rooted in Black pride as evidenced by their latest video “Welcome To My World.”

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Like many Kindred songs, the album opener is an unabashed celebration of love. Aja concedes, ““I’ve never been no dummy, but I’ll be vulnerable with love,” while Fatin confesses, “You’re in my blood, flowing from my head down to my feet…Your presence is giving me life, baby.” With Valentine’s Day coming up, no one would’ve been mad if the couple decided to get sappy and romantic for the visuals. But as they recently showed us with the video for “Another One (The Remix),” The Dantzlers are anything but predictable.

Under the direction of longtime collaborator Konee Rok, the couple takes a page from Night At The Museum for the new video. Shot on location at The African American Museum in Philadelphia, we are treated to frame after frame of beautiful works of art created by people of color. In the center of this creative display, Fatin and Aja serve regal fierceness (thanks to the creative direction of Dapper Afrika‘s Yasin Abdur) as a life-like exhibit of a king and queen. When the museum closes, the royal pair comes to life, dancing throughout the museum and spreading their magic all around. They’re enjoying each other so much, they forget to keep track of the time.

You’ll have to watch for yourself to find out if their secret is safe come sunrise. Peep the video for “Welcome To My World” below and don’t miss your chance to hear Kindred the Family Soul perform it live during the NuSoul Revival Tour.

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