Greg Banks Shares His View of ‘Heaven’

Here at SoulBounce, our Bounce-Worthy series is a place where we highlight burgeoning artists that deserve some special shine. So when we first heard Greg Banks back in 2011, there was no question that he fit the bill. With his vintage/bohemian look and a “funk, soul, rock ‘n’ roll” sound that embodied Jimi Hendrix, Prince and Lenny Kravitz, the New Orleans native made one helluva first impression. Since that time he has hasn’t slowed his grind, consistently releasing singles and EPs – including Lagniappe and Stones and Copper – plus clocked in some performance time at many venues across the country. Now he’s back with his first new music of the year titled “Heaven.”

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Banks muses, “Heaven is a man’s honest and vulnerable interpretation of his love and appreciation for the woman he is committed to. He sees her as his partner in life and his light in the darkness. “Heaven, never felt so near, lit my life, you gave purpose to my vision.” The brother talks a good game and backs it up with an incredible falsetto that manages to be both tenderly romantic and provocatively primal. With a lush production by Matthew Fishman, the soulful ballad is further amplified by Shunta Sakamoto‘s sensuously funky guitar.

Take a sonic trip to “Heaven” below and take advantage of the free download while there’s still time. Afterwards, keep scrolling to enjoy his 2016 A-side/B-side maxi-singles Anthemism and The Saint of Soul. If you’re a fan – and how could you not be after hearing him? – visit Greg Banks’ website and keep up with him on Twitter and Instagram.

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