CeeLo Green’s Gnarly Davidson Has A Crush On ‘Jay-Z’s Girl’

CeeLo Green is back at it again with his alter ego, Gnarly Davidson. This time he’s vying for the heart of a not-so-single lady — Beyoncé. Since she’s everybody’s Women Crush Wednesday, the new single is just in time for our love for the Queen. The emcee and singer took Rick Springfield‘s “Jessie’s Girl” and made it his own, calling it “Jay-Z’s Girl,” and tailoring the lyrics to the hip-hop mogul and his wife. “Jay Z is the king / And I’m probably his biggest fan / But there’s a feeling inside that I’m sure he’d understand / I’m in love with Bey and I wanna be her man,” he sings.

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Along with the new single, he also released a video featuring his stand-in, Little Fun. Directed by John Colombo, mini-CeeLo is hanging out in a room decorated with enough Beyoncé posters to put BeyHive members to shame. As he sings about his love for Bey, we see different images, including a lit, wooden letter B, an illustrated Jay Z, key Yoncé symbols in the stars and both of their albums.

Gnarly Davidson last released “F**k Me, I’m Famous” at the end of 2016, and he most recently showed up to the GRAMMYs dipped in gold; we’re sure there are more shenanigans to come. You can follow Gnarly’s adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and cop his last track on iTunes. If you happen to be Jay Z or have a crush on Beyoncé, watch Gnarly’s latest video and see if this could be a new karaoke hit.

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