Bibi Bourelly Shows The Struggle In ‘Ballin’

Rough day? Money not quite right? Work stressing you out? Is dinner gonna be a dollar menu buffet? That is, if your ride can make it through the drive-thru without cutting off. Well, music industry freshman, singer/songwriter Bibi Bourelly, believes it’s still all good. She’s very clear: being “on the come up” has absolutely no bearing on your baller status. Three million Spotify plays confirm that her vehicle for this message, her popular slow-bounce single “Ballin,” is being well received.

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We’ve been captivated by Bibi’s confident, smoky vibratos on this track ever since it dropped in late 2016. This month, Bibi and director Corey Wash add to the record’s edge with a modest music video featuring creative camera perspectives on harsh realities. Corey’s background as a visual artist is obvious; volleying between frank close-ups and across-the room voyeurism makes for unexpected intrigue.

Bibi shared with Refinery29 that having her imagination inform every aspect of the video’s creative process was priority number one. Corey does an excellent job of respecting her wishes with indie-film-ish captures of real-life friends in round-the-way scenarios throughout New York City. The juxtaposition of intense grit and house party fun is authenticity we can easily relate to and optics you can’t resist boppin’ to.

The video’s honesty is both comforting and inspiring. Sheer, but striking, the take-away is a booming one: an “I’m gonna make it” attitude is what defines us, not our struggles. We are forever big pimpin’ as long as we remember that supreme self-esteem is our most valuable possession.

Turn up the volume and ball-out-on-a-budget with Bibi by pressing play on her newest visual. Set aside a few coins to purchase “Ballin,” available on Free the Real, Pt. #2. Keep up with everything Bibi Bourelly with follows on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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