ASH. Dials Up Heartbreak In ‘Wrong Number’

Don’t you just hate it when, after meeting a potential Mr. or Ms. Right, you muster up the courage to call or text and get no answer or response back? We feel your pain, especially just one day after Singles Awareness Day. Luckily, you’re not alone. In fact, you have a theme song. Singer-songwriter ASH. composed an enchanting ditty called “Wrong Number” about that exact situation for her The Please Like Me EP and she’s now giving us the visual to match the track.

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Like everything else on Please Like Me, “Wrong Number” is steeped in the sounds of ’80s R&B, from the wavy synths to the quiet storm programmed drums. The singer amps up that influence in the visual, coating everything in the aesthetic of the decade, from the period furniture to the fashion to the clear plastic corded phone that seems to be causing her so much frustration. Though we never see the guy that’s causing ASH. such anxiety, we feel the void he’s left in her day through her sullen glances at the camera (though, because she’s a sweetheart, she can’t help but flash a smile at times). Sadly, by video’s end, ASH.’s attempts to reach out still go unreciprocated. Yet, somehow, we feel that ASH. is going to be A-OK.

Check out ASH.’s clip for “Wrong Number” when you press play below.

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