Anthony David & Mic O Break It Down Afrobeats Style In ‘I Don’t Mind’

Anthony David’s soulful tenor evokes everything warm and sensual. Accolades for his singing and songwriting confirm that his neo-soul formula has been a winning one.

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His embrace of Afrobeats on the remix to his new single “I Don’t Mind” featuring Nigerian rapper Mic O, however, proves that folks should think twice before sealing the lid on any box they’ve put him in. The latest release from The PowerFul Now LP, “I Don’t Mind” is an audio and visual stunner. Anthony David curates an Afrobeats experience that devoted fans won’t second guess. This Afropop and Caribbean soul meets hip-hop rhythmic journey is a continental one. Lovers of the globally popular genre will respect the musical lift’s authenticity.

Video production for “I Don’t Mind” takes a classy approach to the track’s grind-inducing grit. Viewers have all been invited to TRIBE, an Atlanta-area African culture event hosted by fashion designer and creative director for the menswear bespoke brand Threaded Culture, Jevwe. A celebration of artisans of every kind, the “I Don’t Mind” lyrical story weaves its way through crowds of stylish patrons, backstage dressing areas, a fashion show runway and Anthony’s energetic poise centerstage.

You’ll boogie your way through the short film’s message: Anthony’s lady is fine and, although he doesn’t mind you admiring from afar, please don’t get out of pocket. He doesn’t quite go all “you better back down before you get smacked down” to quote Jill Scott on us, but Anthony need not worry about leaving his girl around us. We’re too busy dancing to cause any trouble.

Get your dose of Anthony David’s spin on Afrobeats right here, and download the “I Don’t Mind (Afrobeats Remix)” from AmazoniTunes or Google Play.

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