You Won't Be Able To Look Away From BANKS' Creepy 'Trainwreck'


BANKS sure has a way with visuals. It was something she proved with clips like "Brain," "Drowning" and "Begging For Thread" from her debut album Goddess. It's also something that we've learned with the avant-garde and just plain ol' out there visuals she's released in support of her latest effort, The Altar (we still can't get the video for "F**k With Myself" and "Gemini Feed" out of our heads). Her most recent visual is for Altar track "Trainwreck" and somehow the singer manages to up the ante once more.

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It starts off normal enough, with black-and-white visions of BANKS flashed across an old-school television set. But once the camera zooms out, things take a turn for the disturbing. Standing around the set are three bald men who are either wearing grotesque masks or are hideously deformed and it seems they are forcing BANKS to do their will for the camera. In one scene, as she's dressed in what's best described as Wednesday Addams haute couture (complete with an ornamental raven on her head), she places an entire boiled egg in her mouth before spitting it out into a glass of pinkish liquid. In another, she's dressed in a gray pantsuit as one of the goons rocks a toupee and repeatedly pull her back onto a bed as she struggles to crawl away. To say that these scenes are uncomfortable would be an understatement, but the singer show's it's truly her who holds the power here by video's end, ultimately squishing in one of the goons' head with her hand before the clip suspensefully fades to black.

It all surely gives us the heebie-jeebies, but like any good train wreck, once you start watching it's hard to look away. See what we mean when you press play.

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