Syd Strikes Out On Her Own With 'All About Me' & Preps Her Debut, 'Fin'


While we knew members of The Internet were going to take some time away from the group, we definitely didn't expect that we'd be hit with so many side projects so soon. However, while members have dropped a few singles here and there, it looks like frontwoman Syd might be the first one out of the gate with her debut album, Fin. The 12-song set looks to be a promising first effort from Syd and, to further exemplify her independence, she's dropped the first single and video from Fin with the appropriately titled "All About Me."

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The track is a family affair, even with its self-centered title. The ominous synth-and-808 beat was crafted in part by Internet bass player Steve Lacy along with Syd and is a dope intro for those who don't know how Syd flows. Her soft, whispery vocals ride the beat as she sings about keeping her squad closer than close, giving them props for holding her down and credit for helping her become who she is today. The darkly-hued video matches both the song's tone and message. Lensed by Calmatic, the clip features Syd in what looks to be a relatively empty warehouse as she sings, often while crouching and staring intently at the camera. As the camera pans around the scene, we see her compadres from both The Internet and Odd Future rally around her as they vibe to the track's eerie sound. Now that's what we call crew love.

Fin, which has no features but will house production from the likes of Melo XHit Boy and Rahki in addition to Steve, is set to arrive on February 3rd. You can peep the tracklist in full after you watch the video below.

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Syd Fin tracklist:

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01 Shake ‘Em Off
02 Know
03 Nothin To Somethin
04 No Complaints
05 All About Me
06 Smile More
07 Got Her Own
08 Drown In It
09 Body
10 Dollar Bills
11 Over
12 Insecurities

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