SoulBounce Exclusive: Sound Of The City Band Encourage You To 'Run'


The Washington, D.C. area has a treasure chest of musical talent, and one of the gems to be found on the DMV scene is the Sound of the City Band. As their name suggests, the group blends R&B, jazz, go-go, hip-hop and soul sounds to create an entertaining, appealing fusion. The group is comprised of an all-star lineup of local musicians, including lead singer Precious Joubert, drummer Biscuit Bynum, percussionist Kenny Martin and DJ 2-Tone Jones.

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Sound of the City Band performs extensively around the DMV and has a few projects to their credit, most recently the 2015 EP Chasin' My Dreams and the single "Run," which they released last spring. Written by Joubert and co-produced by Marcus Young, "Run" tells the story of two individuals who have stumbled along their path but Precious encourages them to run toward their dreams. The scenarios in the song are brought to life in the music video, which SoulBunce is delighted to world premiere.

The clip opens with Sound of the City Band rehearsing for their next show. Meanwhile, the camera follows the young man who Precious sings about in the first verse as he intently walks through the streets of Southeast D.C. He's on a mission and stays focused, walking along before we see him start to run by the chorus. For the second verse, we see the young lady she now sings about staring at herself in a mirror as Precious details what's going on in her life. The young woman quickly gathers up her things and her courage and breaks for the door before we see her running down the street to get away. Filmed on location in D.C., various scenes of the city and seen throughout the clip, as well as a cameo from bassist Stanley Cooper. Precious dons another hat as creative director for the visuals with videography by Desiree Samira.

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After you watch the music video for "Run," stay in the know with Sound of the City Band's music by keeping tabs on their Bandcamp page and bookmarking their website.

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