Gwen Bunn Sings Through The Pain On ‘See You Again’


There are many things in life that inspire art. Love can inspire you to paint a picture so vibrant, it brings joy to all those who view it. Alternatively, pain can drive lyrics and melodies that cause listeners to physically identify with your hurt. Not every artist has the ability to convey and transfer raw emotion, but Gwen Bunn is one of them. Whether its love, pain, desire or pure happiness, she can do it all.

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Unfortunately, the inspiration behind her latest single is grief. In her latest track, written and produced by Gwen, the sting we hear in her voice and lyrics were fueled by the murder of a dear friend. She writes, “This song was inspired by a friend of mine, Anthony Hill, who was wrongfully murdered by police on March 4th, 2015. It’s more than a year later since his passing, and we’ve lost so many more people since. 2016 was a tough year for many. So now I feel like this song represents anyone who’s grieving over lost loved ones, family, friends or whoever it may be. I pray that it helps you to find a bright side through the dark times.”  Unfortunately, we can all relate.

The track itself pulsates with agony and anguish, while Bunn’s tone is exhausted from the heartache of losing someone so tragically. The repetitive loop of lyrics, “I’ll see you again, my friend,” and, “It’s all a part of life / Even when it don’t feel right,” offer a tiny glimmer of hope and acceptance.

Give the new song by Gwen Bunn a spin and find healing in knowing that you are not alone.

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