Fantasia Gets Her Happily Ever After In 'When I Met You'

After releasing The Definition Of... this past summer, Fantasia is continuing to promote the album in this new year. As she should, because it is one of the best -- if not the best -- in her catalog. Tracks on The Definition Of... showed the rock soul singer's range and versatility, and there were a few with strong single potential. One such is the love letter "When I Met You," which gets a lovey dovey music video right in time for Valentine's Day.

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Only the second visual to come from the album, following "Sleeping With the One I Love" which dropped last June, we get a bit of a two-for-one special here with the beginning of this new video featuring a snippet of Fantasia's song "Crazy." Derek Blanks is once again behind the camera and he sets up the narrative using the lead track from The Definition Of..., but that's not the only surprise. The first face we see is not that of Fantasia, but it's her daughter, Zion Barrino , who plays the singer in her younger days.

Set in the 1990s, Young Fantasia's bedroom walls are adorned with posters of Whitney Houston, SWV and Aretha Franklin while her personal style is a mix of TLC meets Jade. The teenager is seen in a high school yearbook photo strategically placed between photographs of her boyfriend and her best friend, giving us an indication of what's ahead. In a classroom scene, Fantasia/Zion and her bestie are tight like glue until her boo walks in and takes all her attention. Her BFF feels some type of way, but he's stuck in the friend zone and keeps it moving. Time passes and Fantasia now plays herself as an older teen, rocking a haircut reminiscent of T-Boz's signature '90s look and she's hstill booed up. Unfortunately, her guy is too busy trying to be a player in the library. She catches him with some honey in between the bookshelves and quickly kicks him to the curb on sight while her bestie looks on. Fast forward to current day, and we see that his patience has paid off. He's broken free from the friend zone and meets Fantasia at the altar in her white dress. She plays a beautiful bride, and her handsome best friend/groom is played by her real-life husband, Kendall Taylor.

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The video for "When I Met You" is a family affair that will give you all the feels. We've had a front row seat to Fantasia's many trials and tribulations over the years, and now it's great to get a glimpse at her happily ever after.

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