dvsn Takes Us Under In ‘Too Deep’ Visuals

Another day, another new video from dvsn. The duo, who up until last month’s joint video for “With Me” and “Do It Well” had been nearly absent on the visual front, have kicked things into high gear to promote their nearly year-old album. Just days after the new year began, they dropped their short film The Choir, which utilized three of their songs to tell a Set It Off-styled narrative. Now they return once again with a visual for SEPT 5TH‘s sultry track “Too Deep.”

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The song itself was already a standout from a pretty stellar debut, especially with Ginuwine‘s sexy slow jam “So Anxious” referenced all over its slinky bassline. For the clip, they double down on that sexy feel while keeping up with the group’s penchant for staying out of the spotlight. Taking their place is a nameless video vixen who rides her motorcycle into the middle of the desert. Due to a snafu with her bike, she’s left to wander the desert as she strips out of her black leather bodysuit, because of course, as she walks toward a steadily burning fire in the distance. However, her feet begin sinking in what seems to be quicksand. From there, she just stares into the distance as her body slowly drops into the sand, disappearing before our eyes…or so we think. We next see her feet touching down in a hallway illuminated by purple neon lights before it all fades to black.

With the recent rush of visuals, we wonder if there’s more set to come down the pipeline from dvsn. We guess only time will tell. Get into “Too Deep” below when you press play.

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