dvsn Matches Music To Drama In Thrilling Short Film 'The Choir'


dvsn brought it last year with their underrated but impressive debut SEPT. 5TH, but they offered little visually for the effort. However, it seems they're intent on making up for lost time. They've already dropped a dual clip for "With Me" and "Do It Well" around Christmas and teased an upcoming video for "Too Deep." Now the duo gets cinematic on us with a nine-minute short film entitled The Choir, which features their songs "Angela," "Try/Effortless" and "The Line" as its soundtrack.

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The short, directed by Randall Okita, follows the women of a small church choir. Though things seem angelic at first look, we soon realize that while they might be singing God's praises on Sunday, they're imitating the brazen ladies of Set It Off the rest of the week. Though each lady has her own reasons and motivations, which are explored in separate scenes, the ladies are all about that dollar and, with some help, pull off a bold heist of a gangster's assets. Of course we won't spoil the inner workings of what goes down, but we will say that this nine-minute film is better than most feature length efforts with million-dollar budgets.

If you're curious as to how the modern R&B sound of dvsn marries to thrilling indie drama, pull up a seat and check out The Choir right here.

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