SoulBounce’s Class Of 1996: Jamiroquai 'Travelling Without Moving'


The 1990s were a prolific decade for the British band Jamiroquai, led by the ubiquitous Jay Kay, who released four albums, dropped over a dozen singles, filmed just as many music videos and toured the world a few times over on the strength of their groovy blend of funk, acid jazz, disco, soul and electronica. 1996 saw the outfit let their third collection, Travelling Without Moving, loose around the world with staggered release dates starting in their native U.K. that August. Although the album wouldn't be officially released in the United States until January 1997, the genie was already out of the bottle when the album's second single "Virtual Insanity" crossed the pond thanks to its innovative music video, which would go on to snag 10 1997 MTV Video Music Awards nominations and win four categories, including Breakthrough Video and the Best Video of the Year.

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Not bad for these blokes who decided to spread their wings a bit more on Travelling Without Moving. Successful singles "Cosmic Girl" and "Alright" filled many a dance floor, but when it was time to chill, Jay Kay and the crew had us covered with album cuts like the slow burning slow jam "Everyday," the reggae-tinged "Drifting Away" and sparkling instrumentals "Didjerama" and "Didjital Vibrations."

Travelling Without Moving would become Jamiroquai's only platinum seller in the United States, but the group would on to make four more albums with varying degrees of success but all staying true to their base sound, most recently 2010's Rock Dust Light Star. The band is still together and rumor has it that a new Jamiroquai album is on the horizon for 2017.

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