Navasha Daya & Braxton Cook Shine In 'Lom Nava Love'


Even though it may be dreary and chilly outside, Navasha Daya's latest video is here to warm your soul. Directed by Toroes Thomas, "Lom Nava Love" is so sun-drenched that it'll leave you feeling like you're soaking in the rays of the sun.

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In the video, we see Daya in various scenarios, including performing outdoors and fellowshipping with a new friend. While it's clear that Daya is the video's star, it is really the sun that takes center stage. In each scene, Thomas manages to capture the warmth and sometimes blinding feeling of standing in the sunshine. Daya, who is joined by saxophonist Braxton Cook, seems to glow beneath the rays as she radiates pure joy.

Produced by her longtime collaborator and partner Fanon Hill, "Lom Nava Love" blends elements of soul, fusion jazz and West African highlife. The song is the follow-up to "It's Still About Freedom" and is taken from their crowdfunded documentary, also titled Lom Nava Love, which was released earlier this year. Check out the visuals for this uplifting song and let it warm your soul.

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