Kelly Rowland Pens 'Whoa, Baby!' To Help New Moms Navigate Motherhood


Kelly Rowland is a singer, dancer, actress and TV personality, and now she's adding author to her resume. Feeling a soft spot for new moms, the songstress teamed up with her OB-GYN Dr. Tristan Emily Bickman to reveal the behind-the-scenes realities of motherhood in their book Whoa, Baby!: A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out (And Wonder What the #*@& Just Happened). The book covers everything a first-time mom needs to know from physical and emotional changes to other unexpected surprises. Ever fallen asleep with a breast pump on you? Welcome to Mom-ville!

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"Dr. Bickman and I wanted to create an answer to what to expect after childbirth. No one told me what to expect physically, emotionally, or mentally," Kelly mentions in a press release. "The purpose of Whoa, Baby! is to comfort the mother and give her knowledge of what's going on with her. We cover everything!" Kelly walks you through it all as she uses her own experience being super mom to her two-year-old son Titan. With Kelly's personal experiences, and Dr. Bickman's expertise (she delivers all of her patients' babies herself by the way), the book is sure to be a hilarious, eye-opening and educational read.

We were just wondering why we weren't getting much newness from Kelly in the form of music, so it makes all the sense now that she has a whole book under her belt. Whoa, Baby! will be published by Da Capo Lifelong Books and is slated to grace book shelves on March 28, 2017. While it arrives well after your Christmas stocking stuffing, you can still pre-order it through,, and more right now.  If you're a new mom or have friends who are moms-to-be, consider adding Whoa, Baby! to the library.

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