Jaden Smith Gets Us Lost In The Old West In 'Fallen'


While Willow Smith might get all the shine from music blogs and magazines, she's not the only Pinkett-Smith scion with musical interests. Over the weekend, her big bro Jaden Smith premiered his latest music via a video shared from Kid Cudi's Twitter account. The track, "Fallen," is a moody, sullen love song that finds the 18-year-old involved in a love affair that's shaken him to the core and could possibly change his entire outlook on life. But, because Jaden is Jaden, the video for the track is anything but straightforward.

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It starts with Jaden standing against the wall of a wooden building, a quick title flash letting us know that we are in Calabasas in 1867. However, while the Old West is the setting, Jaden and a man dressed in all black and wearing a cowboy hat look more like modern day teenagers who spend a good amount of time Urban Outfitters than cowboys — but we digress. It seems Jaden is suffering a possibly fatal wound, one that causes him to stumble-dance around the deserted town and randomly spew blood between raps. What exactly is going on here? Your guess is as good as ours.

What we do know is that "Fallen" is the first we're hearing and seeing from Jaden's upcoming project, Syre. While we wait for the cryptic Mr. Smith to fill us in about that, check out the perplexing video here.

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