Dolphin Returns With 'Mythos (Myth Of Magnets)'


Baltimore-based singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Dolphin drops tracks whenever his heart desires, and this time he lets loose a previously unreleased song to close out the year. In "Mythos (Myth of Magnets)," Dolphin draws you into his world with his easy like Sunday morning vocals and live instruments that he played and arranged. The seven-minute track offers up a soulful journey into the stars as Dolphin paints a vibrant picture of love on this slow burn of a track. "I'm just trying to live around you / But I guess it's simple / Trying to get close / Separate that from mythos/ Because I was made to love you," Dolphin sings, drawing the listener deeper in.

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The multi-talented artist and his moves remain a mystery since we don't know whether the track means more music from his direction or another mini-hiatus. However, what we do know and can't ignore is the fact that this man's talent knows no bounds. Despite the lack of information surrounding Dolphin, "Mythos (Myth of Magnets)" is worth an earnest listen. Check out his SoundCloud for more and get lost in Dolphin's world when you listen to his latest offering.

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