DâM-FunK Offers Us A ‘Smoke’ While Cruising In ‘Lucifer’s Cadillac’


While many us were enjoying quality time with family and friends over the holiday, some of our faves were busy gifting us with new music to discover. We already got a load of what James Fauntleroy had to give with his Warmest Winter II EP, but we also shouldn’t forget modern funk pioneer DâM-FunK, who laced us something lovely with not one but two instrumentals to ride out two as we cruise into 2017.

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First up is “I Smoke Music.” DâM gets dreamy on us with a lush, atmospheric jam that builds with airy synths supported by a wobbly bass and knocking drums. But soon the bass is revealed to be the star of the story, leading the melody as the other elements remain static and creating an interesting sonic interplay between all the elements featured. Then, just as you get used to the calm, stammering hi-hats join the party before everything ends in a hush of melodic sounds.

The second release DâM’s offered, “Lucifer’s Cadillac,” takes a decidedly different approach. Despite its devilish name, the track is actually a pretty smooth ride, with quick, staccato hi-hats keeping the pace as the producer does his thing on the synths, weaving them in and out to create a slightly eerie, yet very danceable groove.

Check out both tracks below and follow DâM on SoundCloud to get even more funked up on a regular basis.

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